Trekkah 'Time to Rise' feat. Jonthan Julian [Official Video]

Trekkah - 'Time to Rise' feat. Jonathan Julian [Official Video] Out Now on PhlexxRecords

Trekkah's debut album 'The Enlightening' coming out in next few months featuring 14 tracks, with 7 female and 7 male vocalists featured on it. It has sitarist, didgeridoos, saxophones, flutes, guitars and more, recorded over Trekkah's productions.

The album is conceptualised and tuned to the chakras. Taking inspirational from the ancient eastern practice. Here's the third single and official video for 'Time to Rise' feat. Jonathan Julian, focusing on the HEART CHAKRA (Anahata)

The Heart chakra is our compassionate loving centre. Here lies the pure truth which underlies all illusion. When the heart is open then there is no self doubt, only love and forgiveness can exist here. Those with heavy hearts cannot access the higher realms.

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