Phlexxibition 008 - 'Plantopia' at Fox Talbot's (FREE ENTRY)

Phlexxibition 008 - The summer has come to a close and as the leaves turn to their autumal shades we pay homage to the cycle of natural life with Sarah Cunningham's beautiful exhibition 'Plantopia'. A world of weird and wonderful plants and surreal landscapes. Throughout this exhibition plants and gardens have been depicted in various ways. Sarah Cunningham is a Nottingham based Fine art graduate who has explored the materiality of paint and collage in relation to her own interpretations of the natural world and the sublime. Live Music: With the successful launch of his debut album 'The Enlightening', at Rough Trade Nottingham, Trekkah will be performing a handful of his chakra inspired instrumentals from the album. Food/Drinks: Food and drink on sale from the Fox Talbot's Cafe.

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