"Are You Sure This Interview Isn't Made For Proper Bands?" - John, Nactus Kunan

Before the release of their debut single 'Hose It Down', Tune Crush had the pleasure of chatting to the awesome Nactus Kunan about their music and rare Geckos.

Nactus Kunan, 'Hose It Down' Single

Could You Tell Us A Little Bit About How You Met And Formed The Band?

Tony: We all went to the same school... Shout out to Chilwell Comp’. Me and Jack met in year seven and we were having a heated debate about Eminem in Engineering and, yeah, that’s where the friendship began.

John: Basically Tony got dead angry and Jack was there like ‘who the f*ck is this guy?’

Jack: Yeah, that’s what happened.

Jack: Then we were in a different band with John a few years ago

Tony: We found Joe Bone creeping around

Jack: Yeah we found him... then he went to America... he came back with a beard...

Joe: These are all facts. Then I went away again

Tony: And learnt how to play the keys

Joe: Yep, out of nowhere.

Jack: No to be fair, he went to our school as well.

Tony: We were all pals before, but then we sort of just came together.. naturally

Jack: Erm yeah, it was consensual!!

Could you tell us a little about how you got into music?

Tony: I think it’s just always been there, really.

John: I can’t remember a time where we weren’t really playing though - we were always doing bits weren’t we?

Jack: Yeah I used to start writing songs when I was at primary school to be honest.

Joe: I played the guitar and a cover of Coldplay’s ‘Clocks’ in ‘Chilstock’... I was the youngest in the talent show, just saying

Jack: AND he had a beard!

How would you describe your sound?

John: Unique ~

Jack: It’s probably just a combination of all the music we listen to and like, really.

What inspired the name, ‘Nactus Kunan’?

John: I’ll take a step back from this as I had nothing to do with it, but there is quite a cute little anecdote.

Joe: We couldn’t think of a name

Jack: We had a few floating around Joe: You (Tony) were pushing for ‘Anaconda’.

Jack: And we basically found it on a Wikipedia random search and it’s actually a very rare Gecko that was discovered in Papa New Guinea, and the name means ‘Bumblebee Gecko’.

The ‘Bumblebee element is because we’re from Beeston and we’re a bit slithery and slimy ~

Joe: No, but here’s the good part

John: Oh you wait.. just sit back down!

Joe: We had a gig a while ago and posted about it on Facebook and this guy tagged his mate and he was like ‘@Robert Fisher’. Then we went on Big Bob Fisher’s Facebook profile and he’s this middle aged guy who lives in California and works for the US Geological Survey

Jack: Alarm bells were ringing at this point.

Joe: Then we asked him ‘are you the guy who discovered the Nactus Kunan?’ and he said ‘yeah!’ and sent us a link to the papers saying he discovered it!

Jack: And said ‘come over to America to do a gig’, so we’re basically gonna be big in the science game ~ Joe: Yeah we’re playing the US Geological Survey’s Christmas party this year ~

What has been your favourite show to play so far?

Tony: Saturday!! (2nd December)

Jack: Yeah, at The Old Angel!

Tony: That was a good gig... The sound was good.

Joe: Good sound, good stage, good tunes

Jack: Good people.

Tony: We had a new banger as well!

Joe: Yeah.. we’ve got a song that’s gonna be a new no.1 single and we played that for the first time ~

Why have you chosen to work with Phlexx Records?

John: Phlexx do something really different, it’s quite refreshing with the acts they have.

Jack: It fits our style of music.

Tony: Out of Nottingham, this would definitely be one of the most suited things for us right now.

Jack: Yeah with the artists that have been signed, we would definitely fit on a bill together.

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

John: Swinging from a noose!

Jack: I’d probably just be doing the job I’m doing now

Joe: Yeah we’d all just be doing the jobs we’re doing, but just really depressed ~

John: Are you sure this interview isn’t made for proper bands? We’re still playing in a garage in Long Eaton... like we’re all doing the things that we want to leave behind!

Jack: Yeah genuinely - we’d all be doing exactly the same thing, but we’d just be a lot more unhappy… I mean, I’m pretty unhappy as it is but, you know, occasionally I get to be a rock star on a Saturday night ~

What do you love about the Nottingham music scene?

Tony: That guy you’ve signed… YY

Jack: Yeah, he doesn’t get it, he just calls him ‘Y’ ‘Y’

Tony: I do keep saying it wrong!

John: There’s loads of good bands knocking about, but the outlets are well biased aren’t they?

Joe: The scene in Nottingham is so much better than it used to be.

Jack: To be honest, because we’ve been out of the scene for a while and now we’re just creeping back in, I don’t really feel like we have a strong opinion about it… I feel like I’d wanna to get to know more bands.

Tony: I feel like us, Cherry Hex -

Jack: All the Phlexx artists ~

Tony: Yeah, YY, Prysms (who are our mates) have sort of that bassy sound that’s coming through now.

Joe: Yeah, back in the day the scene was just lad rock bands really.

Tony: There’s an eclectic mix in Nottingham. Lots of different genres with a lot of people doing their own thing

Joe: I think the good thing about Nottingham is it’s a small town centre, but it’s very centralised.

Big up the crew dem (who are your 5 favourite artists right now in Nottingham?)


Daisy Godfrey


Cherry Hex


What’s your favourite snack?

John: I tell you what, if you ever come around Beeston and go to the Crown on a Saturday night.. they do a salad that’s got cocktail sausages in it and it’s the best salad you’ve ever had!

Joe: The cheese board at the Crown is unbelievable

Tony: But it’s not a snack though...

John: Who has a cheese board as a snack.. I’ve never had a cheese board in my life!

Tony: No mate, ‘favourite snack’... Olives! You can’t not be buzzing when you’ve got a tub of olives!

Jack: Olives stuffed with anchovies

Joe: Fishy and salty at the same time!

John: I don’t mind a bit of pitta and a bit of hummus

Jack: Oooh yeah, I like Moroccan topped hummus with a bit of spice in there! Okay.. Our top five snacks are: normal hummus, red pepper hummus, Moroccan topped hummus, garlic hummus... extra garlic hummus.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

John: Get steaming ~

Jack: I normally get really nervous and snap at everyone

Joe: Yeah, Jack’s very mean

John: I mean I normally drive so it’s usually normally a ritual of telling myself I can have another pint when I’ve already had six.

If you could pick any line-up (dead or alive) to play with in whatever venue you fancy, who would it be and where?

Davina McCall at Rock City with:

John: Paul McCartney, George Michael... Jack: With a Dre and Craig Charles DJ set!

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