"The World Isn't Ready" - George Gadd

Tune Crush had the almighty pleasure of juicing some gossip from George Gadd for insights on the story behind 'Twikki' and his love for custard creams. Catch him playing Beat The Streets on Sunday 28th (20:45) at Rough Trade.

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First of all, what's the story behind 'Twikki'?

Woah. Unexpected place to start! When I was at school, I was pretty thin and twig-like so it just stuck, really, and I made it the name I performed under. When I was at uni, I put on a few pounds from all the custard creams I was eating (hands down my favourite biscuit). Alongside that, I felt a bit disconnected hiding behind a pseudonym. Felt i’d grown out of it.

You once mentioned you 'rarely get nervous for gigs', but what has given you pre-gig nerves in the past?

Bands who do a really good job. Scribble Victory went on before us at Y Not and everyone was dancing away and I was just there like “how on earth do I follow this?”. It’s one thing for them to be incredibly handsome but that talented too? It’s just not fair fellas.

That and loads and loads of people. When we headlined Bodega and Rough Trade last year, my heart was absolutely racing because I rarely have done things on my own terms before.

Have you ever been inspired to write a song about something too weird to ever release?

Occasionally, in my old band 'Little Bribes', my drummer Alex would talk about someone he’s speaking to on Tinder and I’d write a song about that person as a joke. I really wanted to get a concept album together. I played one for my girlfriend and she told me to stop halfway. The world isn’t ready.

The other week, I was also sat with a guitar in front of her and started writing a new theme tune for Brooklyn Nine Nine which was like “Brooklyn Nine Nine, yeah they seem pretty fine. Brooklyn Nine Nine, trying to solve all the crimes”. Don’t think I'll be hearing back about that any time soon. I hadn’t been drinking.

Do you have any new tunes in the bag for 2018?

We are slotting a few new songs in our set but I’m still writing at the moment with hopes to get an album out.

What would you say is good and bad about the Notts music scene?

The good: Everyone is incredibly supportive and there’s not genre cliques, you often see people at a Shrives gig and then a week later seeing Cherry Hex. It’s a very diverse scene and I don’t think there’s such thing as a ‘Nottingham sound’.

The bad: Gonna be a grumpy old man and say it wasn’t really like this when I was younger and I used to get denied gigs because I was under 18. With Jake Bugg breaking out so young, venues are trying harder now but there’s still been the odd time someone has been kicked out of their own gig.

Is there anywhere you'd like to play this year where you haven't played before?

Rock City main stage. Next question.

YOU'RE PLAYING 'BEAT THE STREETS'!! Are you excited you've been asked and why?

HECK YES. I think it’s incredibly important to support local charities as they affect your community! We can already see the benefits that having Hockley Hustle has on our city and it’s definitely worth supporting a charity like Framework who do so much to support vulnerable people.

Personally, I think there should be more done locally within different towns. We’ve seen the Kimberley Jam always do incredibly well year after year and last year Oxjam Beeston raised £22,000! It just has such a positive impact! I’d like to see something in West Bridgford personally.

What's your favourite part of being a performing musician?

There’s a nice little rush you get when you are onstage. Nothing can really replicate that feeling. We have a song we open with called ‘Square One’ and when it all kicks in, I feel so hyped.

What's your least favourite part of being a performing musician?

When Ciaran and I toured around Europe, my least favourite part was sleeping in my car and waking up incredibly cold in a smelly 2003 VW Golf.

Big up the crewdem, name a couple of your favourite local musicians... GO!

Had the pleasure of hearing the new Shrives song ‘Moneymaker’ and honestly, if they don’t become mega next year then it is truly criminal. Cameron Sinclair Harris is a local treasure. We recently played two incredible shows with Warm Copies and The Dandylions who are about ready to make waves. Stacey McMullen really needs to be doing this full time too, he has such charisma and charm and then you hear his songs and you’re like “well, that’s certainly not fair”. He’s another one of those that I couldn’t follow alongside Scribble Victory who I mentioned above.

Slumb Party are one of the most exciting live bands I’ve seen and I’m really looking forward to the chance to catch them again at Beat the Streets. Anwyn Williams is also going to be opening up Rescue Rooms main stage and I’m going to try and get right at the front for that!

I could probably write this huge list with a paragraph on each person but that would take all day…Cherry Hex, Taco Hell (RIP), Kermes, Joe Knight, Sunflower Thieves, Laurie Illingworth (although I have yet to see him live!), Kate Auburn, Katie Cooper, Super Furniture, Jimi Mack, Do Nothing

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