"Mango... Is That A Fruit?" - Matt Grocott of The Shrives

It's been an exorbitant weekend for The Shrives with the release of their latest single, 'Money Maker', on March 2nd - followed by filling Fox Talbots with a nacreous cloud of hyper fans and a damn good music on the 3rd!

Take a read of what lead vocalist, Matt Grocott, had to say to the Phlexx crewdem.



I noticed Money Maker was leaked twice prior to its release - what happened?

We had a bit of a complication with the people we recorded it with and they posted it on their Twitter, then the other time was on SWMRS. We just sent it to them and they misread the message... Clearly ~~

How did your relationship with SWMRS come about? Would you say you're close?

I’d say so.. I think they like us… Every time I see them I’m drunk. ~~

When I was 15, I messaged Joey on MySpace and sent over my demos. They had a listen and got back to me, then we did the album thing and we’ve just stayed in touch ever since!

What can we expect from your next two releases?

I reckon people are going to get a britpop vibe from our next song. The one after is a little more angry, but I like the fact they’re all quite different from each other. I think people will be surprised by our second song as it’s nothing like the old Back In The Morrow stuff.

Would you say The Shrives have an image?

I think our image is our music - I don’t think it’s clothes or whatever. People might think ‘they’re the band that wears the sunglasses’ or ‘they’re the band that wears the leopard print coat with the hat’, but we’re more than that.

We could stand and wear normal clothes and we’d sound exactly the same. Yesterday, I spent about an hour trying to find something to wear and worrying about it, but I shouldn’t give a shit... I don’t when I’m on stage.

What's the band's obsession with mannequins?

I don't know really. Well, Josh’s dad had a mannequin back in Newark... I don’t know why - maybe for personal reasons. ~~

We took it to a gig because we thought it’d be funny and, I remember at Dot to Dot festival, we chucked it into the crowd and I just loved seeing people hold it up like it was a real person… Crowd surfing a painted mannequin.

As a songwriter, what do you like to do differently?

I see so many bands release the same stuff, which isn’t bad, but I’m like ‘don’t you just get fucking bored and wanna write something crazy sometimes?’... That’s my whole point of being in a band. I don’t really care, as long as it’s new.

Has the release of Money Maker been any different to the release of Back In The Morrow?

I reckon it’s been about the same. We got a slot on BBC Radio 6 (for Money Maker) which was great, but the actual release has been similar. We’re just gonna try our hardest to get it out a bit more.

Big up the crewdem. Who are your favourite local artist?

The bands we played with last night (March 3rd): George Gadd and The Chase. And Babe Punch have always given us support.

What are your gigging plans for the foreseeable future?

We have some gigs booked in Sheffield and Leeds and we’re gonna book some in London and Nottingham soon. There's a release party at The Angel with Phlexx in July...

We love playing festivals, but people have always shut us off in the past as not much has really been going on. Hopefully with these three singles, there’s gonna be a lot more movement.

Describe The Shrives in a fruit.


Is that a fruit?



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