"See What Happens When Hashtagobi & Phlexx Make A Baby" - Hashtagobi

Phlexx had the absolute pleasure of releasing hashtagobi's latest single, 'Smile', on the 28th February and gaining some insightful knowledge on his experiences as a musician...


Artwork by Emily Catherine Illustration


Could you tell us a little about how you got into music?

Hmm, hard to pinpoint exactly. I remember making my own ringtones on this Sony Ericsson when I was like 13. But the first time I picked up a microphone to rap was at 17. Funny story actually, someone in my school had started rapping but I thought I could do better so I went home wrote a diss track; recorded it with my friend & it was pretty well received by the Sixth Form as well as some of my Teachers lmao.

How would you describe your sound?

Its very eclectic & left-field to be honest. I wouldn't say I try hard to be different, I'm just a little bit weird... And that reflects in my rapping/production style. I take a lot of inspiration from Film Scores, Video Game Soundtracks as well Alternative Rap.

What’s your musical inspirations?

Top 5 in no apparent order would probably be: Hans Zimmer, Tyler the Creator, Jme, Childish Gambino & Kendrick Lamar.

What has been your favourite show to play so far?

I played Rock City last May in the middle of my exams & Stormzy was there the week before so that was bare sick. But I played a smaller more intimate Venue called Jazz Cafe in October. I got my first encore, the place was packed out and I could really feel the energy of everything I was rapping being taken in by the crowd. It was amazing.

Why have you chosen to work with Phlexx Records?

I think promotion is something every artist struggles with in their early stages, so I want to be able to experiment with different streams of promotion & see how it works on the Indie label side. Also Benjamin Trekkah (the owner) helped get me my first show last year so it will just be interesting to see what happens when hashtagobi + Phlexx Records make a baby. (yes you read that right).

If you weren’t making music what would you be doing?

I mean I haven't 'blown up' yet to say music is like my full time thing. Having said that, I really enjoy creating stories/conveying emotion so probably something to do with writing screenplays or acting.

What do you like about the Nottingham music scene/is it anything like London?

I like how the Nottingham music scene will have a range of different artists in event. And it seems like there's a music festival every 30 seconds in Notts which is cool because you can discover/interact/network with so many different artists. Also I feel like its easier to gain attention in Nottingham, but I haven't like 'been' in the scene in London yet so I guess I don't know really know about that yet.

Big up the crewdem, who are your 3 favourite artists right now in Nottingham?


One of the best singers I've heard live, plus crazy energy, and a lil bit of a weirdo. Excited for her future.

Tee Peters

Latest Song: http://hyperurl.co/7ceou4

Tyrell is a poet, rapper, videographer (I think). Very inspiring guy, his work rate is crazy. He is supporting Luke Peter Foster on Friday 9th March, everyone reading this should go and have a gander.

Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/155946355207715/


Seen them perform a few times - great energy as they thrash around on stage. Plus the lead singer has some cool hair! P.S I'm supporting them in July, so buy a ticket here: https://www.facebook.com/events/128133061149085/

What’s your favourite snack?

DON'T GET ME STARTED OMG. But I would say jam donuts + grapes.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Not really, to be honest, I try to absorb the moment & space I'm in; then when it's time, I'm ready.

Since the release of 'Smile', is there anything else in the bag?

I have a very big bag, I'm just in the process of sorting things out; One thing I learnt from last year was the release of something is a crucial part of the product.

Is there anything you'd change about the new single?

Not really, I won't put something out if I don't like it. However I programmed a bunch of strings on the track & in the future I'm excited for when I can call in string players to play things I've composed on my laptop.

If you could pick any line-up (dead or alive) to play with in whatever venue you fancy, who would it be and where?

Wow, big question. I'd love to do a show with JME at Leyton Jubilee Park. It's a park I used to frequently go to when I was younger & it's not a performance venue per se but its a massive green open space that could be transformed into one (I'm hoping to do this).

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