"Why should people listen to my shit? I don't think anybody should, I just hope they do...&

Including his ties between the great cities of Notts and London and an inside scoop of his ulterior lifestyle as an actor. We had the pleasure of chatting with the wonderful Felix M-B.

Photograph courtesy of Jake Dunn

Did your acting come about before the music?

It’s kind of been fairly constant through my life, really. My parents met training to be actors and they set up a small touring theater company, so, for the first few years of my life, I’d just go around the road with them. The first people I met were actors and it’s always been just a normal thing. It felt more normal than getting a proper job!

Would you say starting with acting helped you out as you started playing your music live?

I guess so. I think there’s definitely an element where you have to be able to, kind of, distance yourself a little bit from reality when you go up and play a gig or something. With acting, you have to wait for people to put other shit on around you; whereas, with music, I can do what I want and when I want it… There’s an independence to it.

You’re playing Wilderness Festival in August - is it your first festival?

Erm, it’s my first festival on that sort of scale! I’ve really enjoyed playing some of the more local festivals, like Dot To Dot, over the past few years, but... yeah, Wilderness should be really fun!

Have you got anything else booked in the next few months? There’s kind of been a lot booked in over the summer which is quite exciting. I’m actually going out to the US to play some shows through June, with a friend of mine up there called Lorkin O’Reilly, which should be really fun!

What does it take to get onto 'Felix M-B's Spotify playlist'? I don’t know! Probably just knowing people. I thought it was important for me to acknowledge the people around me who make really good stuff - it makes me feel apart of something, if you know what I mean?

I think when someone who you know is doing good stuff, it’s nice to have that feeling of being connected to them in some way.

Have you been working on anything else with Tiger since your collaborative single, 'Beside The Dawn'?

Yeah, we’re working on a little project together at the moment which is sort of separate to our solo stuff. We’re recording this month with a guy called Ben Walker, who I recorded my recent EP with… He’s brilliant! He’s in a duo called ‘Josienne Clarke and Ben Walker’, who are this amazing folk duo, and he’s got a home studio where he records most of that stuff in Brighton. Yeah - he’s just really nice to work with!

Yeah, it’s quite different to our solo stuff, but it’s kind of freeing to not be too personally attached to it. Or in many ways to just be part of something bigger than yourself, if that makes sense? ~~

Why did you release an EP over an album?

Money! ~~

There’s loads of material that’s ready to go, but I kind of wanted a bit more structure to it, to kind of go ahead with creating something on that sort of scale. I guess, also, it was quite important to me to get something out as a marker.

What made you choose London over Notts for your EP launch?

I think it was just the way it worked out with the way the record was formed. It was actually one of the first gigs I’d kind of headlined down in London and we were really happy that it sold out - we couldn’t fit anybody else in. It was a very intimate setting! I did it quite purposefully, as I wanted it to be a nice environment for everyone, where they would feel comfortable.

There was kind of a Nottingham EP launch… I played Jamcafe with Adam Peter Smith - he put on a really lovely gig there.

Do you like poetry?

Yeah! I think.. A lot of my songs come from poems that have been formed into music. I wouldn’t call myself a poet, just because I think my stuff relies a lot on the music, but at school I was really into Yeats. Also, I kind of grew up reading a lot of Shakespeare because that’s what my parents were into.

Describe yourself and your music as a fruit.

... I'd probably like to be an apple. Healthy... nutritious, but with a bit of temptation in there as well... If you wanna go biblical! You wanna feel a bit naughty listening to to it. ~~

Last but not least... If you could headline your own gig with ANY supports (dead or alive), who would it be?

It'd have to be Bon Iver and... Michael Jackson!

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