Phlexx Family Set To Visit America

We are delighted to announce a member of the Phlexx crew has been awarded with the Nottingham Roosevelt Scholarship! For six weeks, Phlexx co-founder, Trekkah Benjamin will be studying a range of community groups, arts organisations, and community arts practitioners to research the different communities and cultures across the country.


Victoria Harrison of Framework Charity and Trekkah Benjamin meeting the county counsellor

The scholarship offers some funding but it is important he raises more, ensuring he gets the most out of his trip by learning from as many community arts organisations across the USA as possible... And we need your help!

As of this, we are asking family, friends, fellow creatives and anyone who shares his passion for the importance of arts to develop, nourish and enrich the lives of people within our community, to donate towards his £1500 fundraiser goal. So far, he has been able to scoop together an amazing £327 and the money raised will go towards travel and accommodation whilst over in the States.

This is not only an amazing opportunity for his personal development, but also for young people and members of the community of which he works with on a daily basis in Nottingham.

Trekkah's Story

My name is Trekkah Benjamin and I am a music producer, record label owner and community arts practitioner from Nottingham, UK. For the last 7 years I have been working for the Nottinghamshire YMCA, as a driving force of YMCA Digital; a creative arts and digital media organisation that uses the arts to support and nurture young people from a range of socially excluded and disadvantaged backgrounds.

Since starting at the YMCA I have designed projects across a range of art forms such as: art, music, film, poetry, radio, and animation, using the arts and delivering a range of topics to various groups spanning participants from the LGBTQ community, youth offenders, young people secure units, young people with mental health issues, home schooled young people, asylum seekers, refugees, pupil referral units, young people classified as NEET (a young person who is no longer in the education system and who is not working or being trained for work), young people with disability, rurally isolated young people, children in care, looked after children and more.

A passion of my delivery and a focus in my academic research, is how we can use the creative arts and digital medias to not only enrich our participants artistic expression and creativity, but also how we can use the arts to impact our participants in terms of their attitude and behaviour, wider life-skills, well-being and community cohesion. [...] The arts are a powerful tool we can use to not only support young people, but the wider community. I want to build up a network of community artists, providing a platform in which we can share and discuss new ideas, techniques, and theories. I also intend to use this research to put together a presentation of which I can use as a tool to promote the importance of the community artist within local communities.




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