'Do Nothing' Have Released a Fresh New Single and We Heard All About it...

‘Gangs’ by Do Nothing is out now, and it’s exactly what your ears need to get your month off to a good start. This track has you hooked from the very beginning, it’s rhythmic beats builds: your feet are tapping, your head is nodding and you’re loving it. ‘Gangs’ has an enticingly grungy edge, elements of the track are reminiscent of ‘Slaves’ - “elements” being the keyword, as these guys have an incredible individual sound that is entirely their own. This track is not soft or pretty, but that’s just not this band’s style: they’ve got a post-punk, indie rock vibe that nobody’s going to mess with. If you had a checklist of what a great song needs, ‘Gangs’ would have every last one ticked off.

Artwork: Steph Dutton

Don’t miss out, get it while it’s hot! Rachael Halaburda caught up with ‘Do Nothing’ to hear a little bit more about the men behind the music…

Let’s kick this off, when did you guys first get together and how did it come about?

We all met when we were kids and started showing each other music and seeing bands together pretty quickly. We started playing and writing together when we were around 17, and have been doing so in various formats ever since.

You might get asked this a lot, but it’s something the people of Phlexx really want to know: what’s the story behind the name ‘Do Nothing’?

We’d needed a name for this project for a long time and I eventually sort of picked it out of something that my uncle said to me at Christmas about investing in the stock market.

For people that haven’t heard you before, how would you describe your sound?

Sort of angular guitar music with some disco occasionally thrown into it.

‘Do Nothing’ are playing ‘Great Escape' next weekend, so that’s pretty exciting! When you’re performing a gig, what reaction is it that you really want to see from your audience?

As long as they don’t leave or throw anything at us i’m happy really. It’s nice to see a bit of movement, but different crowds respond in different ways and that’s A-ok with us.

Your song 'Gangs' is out now, can you tell us all there is to know about that beautiful creation?

I’d been listening to a quite a lot of techno and I wanted to write something that was repetitive and dancy in the same way. I remember spending quite a while walking around in the sun listening to an instrumental loop in headphones before I got the lyrics worked out. In the end I just got a bit drunk and threw some quotes and references together that ended up being the backbone of the song.

Photo Credit: Dan Kendall

Click here to give it a listen!

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