Brown Lion Zoo Chat to Phlexx About Their New Single 'Reset, Realign'

Artwork: Pat Timms

Brown Lion Zoo's 'Reset, Realign' is funky, fresh and has a lovable timeless feel. Instrumentally: It's a synthy, rocky, indie cocktail of goodness. "Reset, Realign’s" catchy melodies and good vibes are bound to get stuck in your head. Let it wrap you up in its’ reminiscent feel of the 80’s: with hints of bands such as The Cure and other retro legends.

Photo: Kit Powis Page

How did Brown Lion Zoo originally come together?

We met initially through the university band society, and after turning up to some pretty painful jam nights where people would turn up and mindlessly shred over each other, we decided to start our own jam sessions. It turned out we all got on well and had similar influences, so things just kept growing from there.

Can you give Phlexx readers a little bit of background as to how you chose the name, 'Brown Lion Zoo'?

Around the time we were starting out, we went down to London to watch a friend’s band play avenue on Denmark Street. It was one of their first gigs in London and apart from friends, family members and a guy sat at the back wearing dark shades and a leather jacket who claimed to be from ‘the industry’, only two punters turned up looking like they’d stumbled in unknowingly. One of us got talking to them and among a cascade of incomprehensible babble this person claimed to have been raised in a zoo by brown lions.

When we returned to Nottingham to play our first few pub gigs, we realised that these sorts of people would quite often make up the majority of numbers in the audience, and the idea of being in some sort of zoo seemed to sum it up quite well. Hence, ‘Brown Lion Zoo’ was born.

When you write a song, where is it that you usually find your inspiration?

Our writing process varies between one of us coming to the band with an idea that’s already pretty well formed, and just jamming together and landing on ideas that we develop more communally. Either way, for the most part the process is quite organic and the songs seem to write themselves a lot of the time, which is maybe why some of our songs sound quite different from each other.

In terms of music that inspires us to write in the first place, we are turned on by a whole range of stuff. We have a mutual love for the stuff going on currently in the alternative scene with bands like IDLES and Parquet Courts, but between us we love everything from Fugazi, The Doors, The Velvet Underground, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Queens of the Stone Age, Carly Rae Jepsen, DEVO, the list goes on. It’s likely that some of these influences find ways of making their way into our music subconsciously.

If you had to sum up Brown Lion Zoo in three words, what would they be?

Babycham tribute band.

Your new single 'RESET, REALIGN' is out now – can you tell us all about it?

Reset, Realign came about after a bit of a creative drought for the band- we’d played a couple of sketchy shows and our set was becoming a bit outdated. We took a couple of weeks away from the band to let things settle, and when we returned, Reset Realign was written almost straight away. It had the slightly rougher, heavier sound we’d been chasing for a while, and to us it was as if someone had hit the ‘reset’ button allowing us to approach our music with a fresh perspective.

The recording process was completed with Joe Fisher and Elliot McCoid at Rainy Daze studios. In between playing on the pinball machine and watching some very questionable YouTube videos, we managed record everything in one day. The song evolved in the studio as we grew more delirious throughout the day, for example we ended up recording all the backing vocals by hanging microphones from the ceiling and shouting the words from the stairs in the shared entrance to the studio.

We’re all super happy with how it came out- cheers to Joe and Elliot, everyone at Phlexx and Pat Timms who made the awesome cover artwork.


Listen HERE to find out for yourself!

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