Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds - The Launch That Packed out Peggy's!

Credit: Rachael Halaburda / Pictured: Benjamin Ziec

Who? Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds, Stacey McMullen, Marco Wolf and Céline Siani Djiakoua. What? Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds 'Fallen Leaves' EP launch. When? Wednesday 10th July. Where? Peggy's Skylight. Why? To have a damn good time! Picture the scene: It's a Wednesday night in early July, you're sat in a beautiful music venue - full of food, drink and good friends. You're all set for a great night. So you sit back, relax and enjoy the show… Funnily enough, that's exactly what happened last night at Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds EP Launch.

Credit: Rachael Halaburda / Pictured: Stacey McMullen

The first support act Stacey McMullen kicked started the evening in style. His performance was raw, powerful and meaningful. Stacey is a skilful musician; folk music is at the heart of his sound, fused with twists of samba, flamenco and blues. One of Stacey's finer skills is his ability to take on different personas depending on the tone of the song, therefore magically changing the mood of the room within a matter of moments. Much of Stacey's lyrics were relatable, personal and most of all "real", there was nothing fake about this man's performance. He performed beautifully, in the here and now - pure, honest and shameless.

Credit: Rachael Halaburda / Pictured: Marco Woolf

Next up was support act Marco Woolf, this performance could be described as nothing less than a "journey". It was gentle, heartfelt and creatively atmospheric - as if the room were under a spell. Each and every person was captivated in the originality of Marco Woolf's soulful sound. His songs are delicately composed, each telling a story different to the last. Marco Woolf is a real name to watch out for - musical magic for your ears, mind and soul.

Credit: Rachael Halaburda / Pictured: Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds

Then came the moment we had all been waiting for, Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds took to the stage. The reception they received from the audience was no less than you'd expect from a packed out Peggy's Skylight. The welcome was more than warm, it was piping hot - much like the performance which followed. Benjamin's vocals hit a wonderful balance between classic folk, and powerful gravely undertones. The Rarebreeds, did not just play, they performed - with passion, style and charisma. They are all undoubtedly talented musicians. A particular stand out element was the use of violin, giving the performance a touch of class and stylish sophistication. Amongst the genre of folk was a skilful blend of blues and grunge. It's certain a few members of the audience would have been left watery eyed at the success of the performance.

Credit: Rachael Halaburda / Pictured: Céline Siani Djiakoua (right) Benjamin Ziec and The Rarebreeds (left)

Not forgetting the incredible live artworks of Céline Siani Djiakoua, adding wonderfully to the composition of night.

Don't forget, check out 'Fallen Leaves' OUT NOW.

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