Phlexx and Leftlion take Hockley Hustle 2019

27th October 2019, celebrates the very best of what Nottingham has to offer across its most eccentric, eclectic and independent district. Hockley Hustle festival has raised £150,000+ for some excellent local charities since 2006.

At Hockley Hustle 2019 Phlexx and Leftlion are teaming up at Broadway Cinema for a flippin’ good time and quality Notts vibes.

In a sentence: Notts finests local vocals, mixed with Notts finest vocal locals!

LeftLion is Nottingham’s very own magazine and all around creative hub. Phlexx is a very sexy Nottingham record label. And yes, they’re doing it together. You already know it’s gonna be good.

Here’s a run down of the days events:

13:30 Major Oak chorus,

14:30 LeftLion Poets,

15:30 Melisma Voice Collective,

16:30 Rudi,

17:30 Benjamin Zięć & the Rarebreeds,

18:30 Adam Peter Smith,

19:30 Megatrain,

20:30 Very special guest,

21:30 Stingray and the J,

22:30 Concrete Rose,

23:30 Soft Girls & Boys Club,

0:00 Trekkah (TONES)

Come on down, join the party! Get your tickets here:

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