Hockley Hustle 2019 took over Nottingham's Creative Quarter

Credit: @feelthenusic

Hockey Hustle 2019 well and truly took over Nottingham’s creative quarter; the streets were full of faces, food and curious culture. With seemingly endless venues full of music and celebration; the festival has raised over £150,000 for some excellent local charities since 2006.

Walking up towards Hockley from The Old Market Square: the air is filled with delicious smells of street food from all corners of the world, sounds of chatter, street performers and people saying, “where to next?”. Streets full of people, all here to celebrate Nottingham’s music scene: colour, diversity and passion.

Credit: Nigel King

There were a few performances that really stood out throughout the day.

Down at Broadway on the Phlexx and Leftlion stage, performed: Adam Peter Smith, followed by Megatrain.

Adam held the room with grace, delicacy and fire. His voice was smooth yet powerful, his sound was soft yet raw. Adam performed a solo acoustic set, it was clear the emotion of his music touched many within the room.

Adam spoke about his thoughts on the day, “I believe in the cause of Hockley Hustle and I always have. It’s a hell of a lot of fun. The plethora of Nottingham talent that you get to see in one single day is amazing - it’s inspiring.”

Phlexx Records stage organiser, Cate La Starza explained her thoughts on the new collaboration and Hockley Hustle as a whole:

“Phlexx has done it for 8 years, so why would we stop now, and LeftLion asked us to collaborate with us this year. So we did at Broadway, and upsized from previous years at Suede bar!

The fact it’s for charity makes me feel really nice, it made me encourage people to buy the wristbands rather than get a freebie off their friends -people seem to be more inclined to pay when it’s for charity anyway.”

Megatrain were next up, as usual they were excellent. So excellent, in fact, people were queueing right outside Broadway to catch a glimpse. This duo, have enough style and individuality to fill the room.

Felix and Tiger’s vocals work together beautifully, creating an impenetrable ambiance. Their songs each tell a story, developing a powerful sense of interest from the audience, creating a noticeable ‘audience to performer’ relationship.

Then it was onto Faradays to see Nottingham’s very own Float. This band have soul-touching vocals, joined by incredibly chilled instrumentals. Their performance fitted perfectly into the cosy wooden decor of Faraday's pub. Both friends and family gathered round to listen.

Finally heading to the Hockley Arts Club to see Ella Knight and band. An R&B and Soul singer with a powerful voice and crowd moving style - Ella had everyone up on their feet, bringing the night into full swing. They really did get the party started.

Overall, Hockley Hustle 2019 was a success. People had a great time, incredible music was both made and listened to, good food was eaten and most importantly a superb amount of money was raised for charity.

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