Hailing from Nottingham is the five-piece alternative blues-inspired band 94 Gunships, who recently dropped their single 'Shiver' on 24th July via Phlexx Records. It has a heavy drum beat, thrilling guitar riffs and of course the insane gravelly textured vocals that coin the Gunships sound.

The band is made up of Rob Davidson who does Vocals, Harp, Ukulele and Percussion. Will Jeffery who does Vocals and Guitar, Russ Clark who does Bass. Marq Sutton who plays Drums and Leo Whiteman who plays Lead Guitar.

94 Gunships - Shiver

Within an instant, the enticing sound that 94 Gunships present pulls you in, draw in by the with such a rough-edge to the sound, pulling a wide variety of inspiration from many different genres. As soon as you begin to listen, you can tell that it's going to be filled with rock-infused instrumentals and the added in funky style instrumentation to flow alongside the vocals perfectly. When it comes to playing an instrument and adding it in, this band can do pretty much anything.

94 Gunships is one of those bands that radiate a real high energy as they immerse themselves within such loud and powerful instrumentation. They have the ability to create super catchy pieces, that give off a powerful energy that instantly gets people hooked. From start to finish, there is not one dull moment with this piece. Whether that's from the incredible arsenal of instrumentation or whether it's the distinctive vocals from Rob and Will, that both compliment each other perfectly. Each member of 94 Gunships stands out in this track. A very talented group of guys with a successful future on the cards.

Be sure to check out 94 Gunships single 'Shiver' on their Spotify and keep up to date with them on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Phlexx Records website for updates on future releases.

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