Nottingham-based artist Fang Jr. has released his debut single 'Nest' alongside the B-side single 'Nest' (Brown Fang Remix) on 7th August via Phlexx Records. Presenting his signature electronica style, he combines analogue synthesis with a whole load of thrilling sounds alongside his soothing vocals.

From the get go, within seconds you're instantly hooked on the compelling sound that Fang Jr. presents throughout his single 'Nest'. Starting off with that hard-hitting beat, as the vocals begin to seep through the tracks keeps a high-energy pulsing throughout with infectious analogue drum rhythms. He has such a mesmerising vocal tone, one that has that added soothing texture to it. He gives off that uplifting feeling as you listen, keeping you in a cheerful mood, then ending it with a more distorted and eerie sound to draw it to a close. There is such a wide variety of sound effects displayed in the track and when the vocals come in to play they complement each other perfectly.

Then there's the 'Nest' (Brown Fang remix), normally when you think of remixes, you think of in-your-face, crazy and bass booming pieces but with this one it's very different. Brown Fang has created a remix that sways far away from that generic style of the sound. Instead, he's done his own take on it and created something that is easy to listen too, has a catchy melody and again is filled with that cheerful energy that he constantly puts through his music.

Definitely, check out Fang Jr's debut release 'Nest' and his B-side Nest (Brown Fang Remix). Keep up to date with him on Soundcloud, Facebook and Instagram.

Check out Phlexx Records website for updates on the release.

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